It is important to preserve Minnesotans’ freedom to make the best decisions for their lives. We should work for sustainable reform in the health care industry that balances cost, access and quality of care. Workable solutions must be found for small business owners and their families that establish accountability for quality and costs. All Minnesotans deserve access to our high quality health care system. The best way to accomplish this is through choice, competition and reform.

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As America continues to struggle to find a sustainable solution to the recent economic fallout, we must work for real job growth in Minnesota. I believe the key to creating jobs is to promote a climate that supports businesses. In Order to do this we must eliminate overbearing taxes.

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K-12 Education

We have a strong tradition of excellence in education here in Minnesota and keeping this reputation strong is one of my top priorities. To accomplish this we need to be vigilant in our innovation and reform. There is no “golden ticket” to instantly fix under performing schools or poor test scores. Keeping our tradition of excellent education strong requires a combination of approaches. These include innovating,raising standards, prioritizing funding and supporting the roles of parents and teachers.

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