Health Care

Health Care

It is important to preserve Minnesotans’ freedom to make the best decisions for their lives. We should work for sustainable reform in the health care industry that balances cost, access and quality of care. Workable solutions must be found for small business owners and their families that establish accountability for quality and costs.  All Minnesotans deserve access to our high quality health care system.  The best way to accomplish this is through choice, competition and reform.

Health Care Choice

I believe that individuals and families can make the best choices for their lives when they are the ones making the decision, not the government. For this reason it is imperative that we preserve a free-market system of health care. This means individuals and families can choose between multiple alternatives, not simply be herded into one government-controlled system. The beauty of our American economy is that people are not forced to buy a product when they do not want it. We must work to preserve this choice in important decisions such as health care plans.

Consumers should not be fined for not purchasing a service. The foundation of a free-market is that people can freely choose or not choose to purchase a product. Recent federal legislation on health care requires people to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. This fine is between $695 and $2,085 or 2.5% of their annual income. I stand firm against this infringement on our American rights and support a return to real economic freedom.


It is clear that there must be reform in the health insurance industry. This must come by balancing cost with access and quality of care. Minnesota has consistently been in the top five states with the lowest percentage of uninsured.  With the recent passage of the reformed General Assistance Medical Care we are now ranked third in the nation. The excellence of Minnesota’s health care is respected world-wide. We should not sacrifice these important factors when dealing with cost issues.

To provide the best possible solution, reform should come from a partnership between business owners and families. This partnership would provide real-life solutions to the problems Minnesotan’s face every day. While government oversight is important it does not develop real reform that benefits people’s lives. Government should instead act as a check on abuses, and allow organic, sustainable growth to come from real people.