As America continues to struggle to find a sustainable solution to the recent economic fallout, we must work for real job growth in Minnesota. I believe the key to creating jobs is to promote a climate that supports businesses. In order to do this we must eliminate overbearing taxes.

Minnesota Business

Small businesses are vital to job growth in Minnesota.  Recently, the Small Business Administration found that in the last 15 years, 64% of net new jobs were created by small businesses. This is a significant number, given our current economic situation. We are fortunate in both Apple Valley and Burnsville we continue to see commercial growth and revitalization to help mitigate the impacts of the recession in our community.

It is not just small businesses that are economically necessary. Many successful national and international corporations claim Minnesota as their home. Minnesota entrepreneurship created companies such as Target, 3M and Honeywell. These corporations provide millions of jobs to Americans. They enhance their communities through programs like Target’s local reading grants, 3M’s partnership with 4-H groups or Honeywell’s Space Academy program. We must continue to foster a climate that encourages Minnesotan entrepreneurs to be national leaders in job creation.

Lowering Taxes

We must also look to the future. Recent trends indicate businesses and families are moving out of Minnesota—and taking their jobs with them. From 1991-2001 more than 100,000 people moved into Minnesota.  According to the study done by the Freedom Foundation, since 2002 we have lost more than half of these to states with a tax burden that is 12% lower than ours. These are frightening trends that could significantly hurt our state if they continue.

In order to stop this outmigration and keep jobs in Minnesota, we must lower taxes. Minnesota currently ranks 43rd(or 7th worst), according to the Tax Foundation, on the business tax climate index. We need competitive tax rates that foster economic expansion, innovation, entrepreneurship and business investment in local economy. In this way Minnesota can take the lead in sustainable economic recovery and long term prosperity, while placing jobs back into the hands of our hardworking citizens.